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Norm Development Update: Editor

December 11, 2013

Began designing the user interface to define functions and components

Norm Development Update: Editor

December 8, 2013

Reconfigured object identification system. Used assosiative array with array access syntax rather than dot operator syntax to easily link tags and permanent IDs to array indices.

Norm Development Update: Editor

November 28, 2013

Refined poll request system. Added function return index and dynamic parameter functionality for checkProperty function, as well as functionality for number, string, and boolean data types.

Norm Development Update: Editor

November 17, 2013

Added poll request system to allow triggers to only check states when a relevent property is changed.

Norm Development Update: Editor

October 6, 2013

Added target functionality for motor components. Tested timer response functionality with a basic message trace function, also tested ability to start sequencer from any desired stage.

Norm Development Update: Editor

October 4, 2013

Added basic timer functionality for use in sequencers, currently only usable for delays, but will acquire added functionality as new response functions are added.

Norm Development Update: Editor

October 3, 2013

After somewhat of a hiatus, I have managed to lay a framework for the motor and sequencer components for use in the editor.

Norm Development Update: Music

July 28, 2013

So far I have completed two original tunes for the Norm Soundtrack: "Norm: A Loser (Main Theme)" and "Raucous Library". I am in the process of writing a few more: "Tommy T. Tone's" and "Goin' Clubbin'".

Norm Development Update: Art

July 28, 2013

Currently I have completed 2 full tile sets, and am working on 4 more. These tile sets include: Rock, Sand, Dirt/Grass, Cement, Wood, and Ice. I have also completed character art for Norm, and am working on expanding the sets for custom characters.

Norm: A Game About a Loser Officially Under Development

July 18, 2013

After two years, I have finally fully taken up work on Norm: A Game About a Loser. A comedic action platformer. The game will feature an advanced editor which allows creation of custom levels, scripts, and more. More details will be released periodically.

Swap Gems coming soon!

Swap gems to crush your opponent

Swap Gems is a unique take on the classic cascading tile puzzle genre (A la Bejeweled). You and your opponent share five gems which you swap for those on your own board to create huge chains of like-colored gems. Destroy powerups to boost your multiplier, shuffle your opponent's board, and more! There are 8 different tile sets to unlock, 5 music tracks, and a puzzle mode with an editor.

Sixty Second Millionaire is almost out!

Are you ready to make it big?

In Sixty Second Millionaire, you take part in a strange new game show where you
must search through a huge castle in search of untold wealth. Oh, and you only have
sixty seconds.

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